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India is a nation of young people. Majority of them reside in rural areas. Unfortunately deprivation is a normal state of affairs in our countryside with mass unemployment and poverty ruling the roost. The burgeoning young population of the country provides us with an opportunity to reap the benefits of demographic dividend provided we develop their skills through the medium of education and keep them healthy with adequate provision of medical services and propagation of healthy lifestyle. To make the process sustainable we must also protect and preserve our environment.


Our Vision 2030 aims at having an Aman Foundation Campus in each district. The idea is to disseminate an alternative model of learning through our schools. Considering our focus on minorities and other weaker sections of rural areas, we aim at comprehensive capacity building in each child for a meaningful livelihood in future.  Of course, the whole educative experience is to be grounded in humane values which are getting eroded fast by materialistic consumerism.


Stating the whole idea in terms of small actionable plans, we aim to:
Establish clearer, tougher academic standards and impregnate the curriculum with value based content
Use multiple measures for student performance
Innovate to reach today’s students, e.g. using Skype (software) to enable students to interact with people who have excelled in their respective fields
Provide supportive leadership to teachers: A major problem facing our academia is that teachers are satisfied by their mere presence in school. They need to get involved with the students to build in them long lasting capability.
Bridge school and home to raise student achievement: There is an urgent need to increase interaction with parents as students spend larger share of their time at home. In rural areas where literacy level as well as quality of education in parents is low, they need to be trained for provision of appropriate environment to their children to raise their achievement levels and build a sustainable culture of learning at home, in the community and in the classroom.
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